The Stepping Stone Cycle

The Final Stepping Stone Cycle Books Are On Their Way!

It’s time. I started this series in 2013 and while I never thought it would take this long to write, it’s finally done. I’ve just released all the files for the last two books and their requisite compilations to the requisite online retailers. At the latest, you should be seeing these books appear by Wednesday, May 15th. There’s going to be a flurry of SKU’s available. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s being released:

The Empty Reflection Beckons: Episode 5 (eBook)
Stepping Stone: Episode 6 (eBook)
The Stepping Stone Cycle: The Complete Season 1 (eBook and Paperback)
The Stepping Stone Cycle: Episodes 4-6 (eBook and Paperback)

Once I have the links, they’ll be posted to the Buy My Books page. And soon after the release, likely within a week of the release will see ANOTHER release, something I’ve been working on in semi-secret that I’m hoping my fans will really dig. More on that when the release happens, so remember to keep checking back on this web site or on my Twitter feed for updates.