The Stepping Stone Cycle

Dr. Jack Carter has spent the last two years investigating his wife’s disappearance and his own memory loss, hoping to find Sarah alive and remove the suspicion that he had killed her. Now he knows, however, that she is dead and who killed her. This stunning revelation has shattered his sanity and sent his consciousness tumbling through space and time, struggling to understand why she was murdered. From the misty dawn of prehistoric Earth to the very end of the universe, Jack experiences slices of time ranging from his recent past to alternative paths of his future, from the birth of his daughter to the death of his friend, Dr. Martin Dyer. A mystery that has been millennia in the making unfolds before Jack as he learns of Cthulhu, the great Sleeper who lies dreaming in the lost city of R’lyeh, waiting the day when he can break free of his prison to consume the universe entire.