The Stepping Stone Cycle

The Stepping Stone Cycle is an episodic series of cosmic horror novels with its roots in the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. The first novella, First Stone, is due to be released in late November of 2013 exclusively as an eBook. The series follows Dr. Jack Carter, a forensic pscyhologist suspected of killing his wife after he wakes from a year-long spell of amnesia in a mental hospital. Below you will find a list of all the novellas in the first season, as well as links to read sample chapters from the books. To get your copy of the books, go to the Buy My Books page.

First Stone - Episode 1

Forensic psychologist Dr. Jack Carter wakes from a semi-catatonic state in a mental hospital, with no memory of the previous year. His wife Sarah has disappeared and as the last human being to see her alive, Jack is the prime suspect in her disappearance.

The Metal Black - Episode 2

When forensic psychologist Dr. Jack Carter returned to consciousness, he and his wife, Sarah, had been missing for over a year. With no memory of their last days together, Jack became the prime suspect in her disappearance.

Drowned - Episode 3

Forensic psychologist Dr. Jack Carter has had to question his sanity – a year’s worth of memory lost, his wife, Sarah, missing and himself the prime suspect. His most recent cases have led him to meet beings he could only classify as supernatural.

Memory Void - Episode 4

Jack’s investigations into his wife's disappearance has brought him face to face with inexpiable supernatural phenomenon, and his friend and psychologist Dr. Martin Dyer knows more about the strange happenings than he would admit.

The Empty Reflection Beckons - Episode 5

Set against the politically-charged New York City mayoral race of 1886, Jack is transported into the body of Dr. Robert Arnofsky. Together, the two must solve the murder of a wealthy socialite’s wife before the anti-immigrant tensions of the campaign boil over into violent chaos.

Stepping Stone - Episode 6

The mystery has been solved. Jack now knows who killed his wife, Sarah. Instead of relief, the Dr. Jack Carter has spent the last two years investigating his wife’s disappearance and his own memory loss. Now he knows, however, that she is dead and who killed her. This stunning revelation has shattered his sanity and sent his consciousness tumbling through space and time, struggling to understand why she was murdered. A mystery that has been millennia in the making unfolds before Jack eyes as he learns of Cthulhu, the great Sleeper who lies dreaming in the lost city of R’lyeh, waiting the day when he can break free of his prison to consume the universe entire.